Welcome to the blog of Domanic Li.

Here you’ll find news and examples of projects I am currently working on as well as previous works that I have completed. I aim to eventually include links to useful resources, contact information, personal thoughts and opinions on matters relating to Illustration and Design and maybe even the odd tutorial here and there…

Enjoy your stay šŸ™‚


Creative Process Infographic

Two variations of an infographic I’ve put together for my students to help understand and relate how the design process or creative process can apply to their own work. I initially put this together for illustration students to use, however as I started working on it I realised that this can apply to all art and design specialisms…

Creative Process Infographic 2014 landscape

Creative Process Infographic 2014 FINAL

Feel free to share these if you find them useful!

Also for another take on the subject have a look here to see my colleague Gareth Sleightholme‘s useful post on the matter…

Cult Cinema – Event posters

Poster designs I’ve worked on for Cult Cinema Sunday

Seven Deadly Sins

A range of illustrations I produced in response to the seven deadly sins…

Humber Street Sesh – Live Painting

I was invited to get involved in a live painting event being held as part of the Humber Street Sesh festival event which was held in Hull. I decided to literally just paint my viewpoint of the street itself. Here’s a bunch of work in progress images of the painting that I took as the painting progressed…

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Matryoshka Envelopes

A fun little side project I worked on at the beginning of summer. A colleague of mine, Lindy Norton, has set up a collaborative mail art project, where various artists have been invited to send in an envelope of some kind.

I wanted to produce something a little different, rather than just illustrating on an envelope, so I came up with the idea of doing a Matryoshka-like set of envelopes, where each envelope would contain another smaller envelope…