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Here you’ll find news and examples of projects I am currently working on as well as previous works that I have completed. I aim to eventually include links to useful resources, contact information, personal thoughts and opinions on matters relating to Illustration and Design and maybe even the odd tutorial here and there…

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Cult Cinema Sunday – Horrorfest

Another piece of work for Cult Cinema Sunday – this time to produce posters for two of the films to be shown on the evening along with working on a collaborative poster to promote the evening itself. Information about the event can be found here.

The collaboration element was really interesting – I was working alongside recent illustration graduate and former student of mine, James Fenwick (go check out more of his work here). We met up a few times and thrashed out some ideas for the overall design of the poster together before departing and working on our own elements individually. James took the inside characters and the logo whilst I handled the outside characters and put the final thing together.

Here are some of my stages of development and character explorations:

And the final poster artwork:

Now onto the actual poster prints for the films themselves! I’ll be working on one of my all time favourite films – The Thing, as well as The Shining, whilst James will be producing poster prints for Evil Dead II and A Nightmare on Elm Street…

Something Entirely Different…

I was recently approached to produce an image for a collaborative poster to promote the launch of an upcoming evening, information of which can be found here and here. I was asked to supply the image as linework which would then be coloured by Snapper52. Format was half A3 width wise as the other half of the poster would be text based.

Here’s some of my initial idea sketches:

The developed chosen idea final drawing:

The final line artwork:

And here’s the final coloured artwork (colour by Snapper52):

And the complete poster design (layout, typography and colour by Snapper52)

Platform 2012 – Day 2

The second day of the live painting took a slightly different approach – each artist involved worked on their own to produce an image of their own choice. I had sketched out some quick ideas the night before so I roughly knew where I wanted to go with it all. We only had about four hours to complete the piece so I chose to work at A1 scale.

Here’s some of the rough development sketches:

And a final sketch:

And some progress shots of the painting itself:

And the final piece:

Platform Expo 2012 – Day 1

I was recently invited to take part in some live painting at an event entitled Platform 2012 here in Hull.

The live painting aspect was organised by a former student of mine, Lewis Jackson, who came up with a design template that myself and the other artists involved were free to develop in our own ways. The final result can be seen below: (excuse the low quality of the image…)

Close-up of my section:

And a fantastic time-lapse of the whole thing can be viewed here thanks to Thomas Arran (That’s me btw approaching and painting out the camera at the end…)

Cult Cinema Sunday – Robocop

More Cult Cinema poster work – this time for the classic Robocop. Here are some alternate ideas I played around with followed by the actual piece I submitted:

And the actual piece I entered (unfortunately this one didn’t go to print – check out the other excellent entries here as well as the chosen pieces here